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The following are the Terms of Service for using Miner30minute which is referred to as the Website in this contract. Use of the Website and all its resources indicates your willingness to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

Miner30minute can change the Terms and Conditions of this Website at any time, and the changes take effect immediately. It is your duty to check for changes in the Terms and Conditions for using the Website from time to time.

Further, these Terms and Conditions compliment any other agreements that might exist between you and Miner30minute stipulating the use of the Website.

Website Usage Miner30minute prohibits commercial use of the Website. Anyone downloading information from the Website for personal use must first sign a consent form agreeing that they shall not make changes to such information.

Investment Recommendations Miner30minute’ investment plans have a high daily return on investment. Our fund is managed by experienced professionals from around the world, and we invest in lucrative markets such as Gold, oil, and stock exchange.

Key Terms Both institutional and individual investors can open an investment account with Miner30minute. Individuals must have attained the legal contractual age of 18 years while institutions must be dully registered in the countries where they operate. Investors can operate more than one investment account with the company. Additionally, one can open more than one program from an investment account. All the accounts under one investor can share passwords, name, e-mail address, and e-currency while each account is required to have a different username. Investors can credit their accounts through Bitcoin,Bitcoin cash,Litecoin,Dogecoin,Ethereum,perfect Money and Payeer.

All the investment plans earn compound interest which is computed all days in a week.

Ownership Miner30minute owns the copyright to all the contents in this Website. However, trademarks, rating signs, and logos are owned by other companies which may or not be affiliated to Miner30minute.

Anti-Spam Policy Miner30minute prohibits spamming in this Website. Investors must seek authorization before making posts about the company for personal reference in future. Failure to adhere to these rules leads will lead to permanent termination of user accounts with the firm, immediately a violation has been detected.

Privacy Policy Users consent to keep all information and materials obtained willingly from Miner30minute in confidence. All the contents contained in this Website do not constitute an offer or aim to solicit for private investment where such acts are illegal or to individuals who are below the legal contractual age. Miner30minute will treat all members’ information with confidentiality. The company will not be liable for any loss of data affecting a member data due to their omission and commission.

Disclaimer No action can arise from you against the company and its members. Investment is at owner’s risk, and there is no relationship between past and future performance in profitability. All the information contained in this Website is for educational purposes and is not to be interpreted as investment advice. may from time to time put in place changes affecting commission, rates, and rules without giving notice to the members. The changes are meant to enhance the Website’s security in the interest of the members. Members agree that is incumbent upon them to regularly check for such reviews affecting the operation of the Website.